Revival Soy is now closed to the public.

We hope it is available to you again soon.

( If available we will notify you via the email on file when our company closed as per your request)

Our website remains ‘up’ so all can see what Revival Soy is all about.

Revival has benefited thousands of women…. and men.

The closing inventory of Revival shakes were donated to No Baby Blisters, a 501 (c)(3) charity.

The website is

We hope you will become part of this ministry to help the sickest children

who suffer such pain from skin loss and all that goes along with epidermolysis bullosa.

Thank you for your loyalty over the last 25 years.

Our sincere prayer is that God will bless you and yours.

Suzanne Tabor

Our story is a ‘real life’ story.  A mom in menopause. A son in medical school. 

We formulated the first Revival Soy shake 25 years ago.  It worked-the rest is pure success!

 Revival is a ‘LIFESTYLE’ product. It takes you from where you are and goes the distance.

Read the real life TESTIMONIALS 


                    Our natural (6x) concentration means just 1 shake contains approximately

the same amount of soy isoflavones

                             found in about 6 cups of a typical soy milk without the added fat or calories.

 Soy without the soy taste.