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Revival is being donated to No Baby Blisters, a 501 (c)(3) charity to help fund a cure for EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa). We hope you will become a part of this ministry to help the sickest children among us that suffer in such daily pain.  Your help is so needed.

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If Revival Soy is made available to the public again, we will notify you via the email on file when our company closed.

Thank you for your loyalty to our products over the last 25 years.  Our sincere prayer is that God will bless you and yours.

Suzanne Tabor

Our story is a ‘real life’ story.  A mom in menopause. A son in medical school. 
They  formulated the first Revival Soy shake 24 years ago.  It worked-the rest is pure success!
 Revival is a ‘LIFESTYLE’ product. It takes you from where you are and goes the distance.

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Our Delicious tasting, non chemical concentrated blend of Revival® Soy Shakes Help Reduce Hot Flashes Caused By Menopause*.  

Our natural (6x) concentration means just 1 shake contains approximately the same amount of soy isoflavones found in about 6 cups of a typical soy milk without the added fat or calories.   Soy without the soy taste. REVIVAL® is not sold in stores.

Go online to order at or call 800-738-4825 (call center hours vary but leave a message and you will receive a return call as soon as possible  — start living a life you love! 





(mid-to-late 30’s to mid 40’s)

The time period that begins 8 to 10 years before menopause and marks the beginning of declining hormone production by the ovaries



(late 40’s to mid 50’s)

At this stage, the ovaries have stopped releasing eggs and producing most of their estrogen. It’s during this time women can expect to experience the bulk of menopausal discomforts.



(late 50’s and beyond)

During this stage, menopausal discomforts, such as hot flashes, ease for most women, but health risks are increased.

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Here’s What Others Are Saying

Revival has been a life saver! My doctor recommended Revival.  Within just a few weeks my night sweats are gone, no more hot flashes and the ‘feeling’ of just having put Ben-Gay all over my skin is completely gone. I have noticed my hair and nails are growing and my skin is not as dry.  So far I have lost 2 lbs every week . I have actually had the energy to start an exercise program.  Thank you Revival for helping me get my life back!! -Mari A. *

“First of all, I have been drinking soy milk for many years. But I have never tasted soy products that are as good as Revival products”. – Angela T *

I was waking up 3-4 times a night with night sweats I would be so wet I would have to get up, dry off and change pajamas. My husband jokingly rolled over one morning and pretended to be swimming! I have tried so many things without any relief.  I was desperate when I read your ad in a Magazine. I immediately placed an order.  I received my order July 3rd. Last night, Tuesday July 15th I slept through the night without waking up.  I woke up dry and could make my bed without letting it ‘dry out’ or changing the sheets!  I am placing another order for more products today. Sincerely -Pat E. *

“In the 7 months I’ve been using Revival I’ve noticed many changes. I’ve lost 15 pounds, gained lots of energy…” – Tracy R *

“I can’t believe how much more energy I have. I can’t believe they taste better than all of those other nutritional drinks!!!” – Penny M *

“The hot flashes were banished. I look forward to my mid-morning soy snack that gives me the energy to continue working through the day. You should call it ‘Survival Soy’!” – Ellen B *

“Revival Soy Products have really helped me feel full. I drink one first thing in the morning…I’m not hungry until lunch time.” – Lisa C *

“Been using your shakes for many years. At age 70 now, my Gynecologist said I’m in great shape and that I should continue with what I’m doing.” – Chris S *


Like most women her age, Suzanne Tabor experienced the common discomforts of menopause, including hot flashes and night sweats. Completely frustrated, Suzanne called her son Aaron (Dr. Tabor), who, at the time, was a medical student. He investigated numerous medical studies and learned that a diet rich in soy protein and soy isoflavones has many benefits. Immediately, Suzanne began trying various forms of soy from her local grocery and health food stores, but found it too hard to consume enough soy. Together, they spent nearly two years perfecting the first naturally-concentrated Revival Soy blend with about the same amount of soy isoflavones found in 6 cups of a typical soy milk. Revival Products was born.
Suzanne knows about the stages of life. Married over 57 years, she is the mother of three sons, a grandmother and a great grandmother. She is a business woman and a homemaker. She was the primary caregiver for her mother and knows the stresses of caring for an elderly parent.  Now as a post menopausal woman, Revival Soy continues to give her the nutrition to enjoy her family and to function as the President and CEO of Revival Products.



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* Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific weight loss results. Reviews & testimonials are individual, real-life experiences of customers who have used our products in some way or another. However, individual results vary person to person. Additionally, these testimonials are not intended to make claims that these products can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.