Reviews and Testimonials

Revival Soy has made me feel years younger!  I started with hot flashes last November and many mood swings. After using Revival Soy for 3 wks they have totally gone away.  I am not exaggerating, I have not had a single hot flash.  I used to go outside in the dead of winter without a coat just to cool down!  My family was suffering because the house was too cold for them.  I have shared your info with all I come in contact with that have similar problems.  Thanks so much. -Linda W. * 

I have noticed that my nails are stronger and able to grow longer since I stated Revival soy.  Before my nails would grow to a certain length, weaken and then break.  Now I have strong, healthy, beautiful nails. -Shirley H. * 

I asked my doctor about soy products for hot flashes and he said it would no doubt help and encouraged me to try it.  I received my trial package and tried it that day and have not had a single hot flash or night sweat since.  I am very impressed and will tell all my friends and family members that also have similar problems.  I am also a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and must be aware of calories, sugar and fat so after your wonderful trial package of all your varieties of shakes and bars I will order the products you offer with sucralose to help with the amount of points that I must take into consideration on my Food Program.  Thank you for Revival Soy !!! -Loa M. * 

I have not used your product very long however I have already noticed increased energy and moods have leveled out. -Linda M. *

I stated drinking the Revival shakes the day I received it.  I immediately saw results in my energy level, decreased appetite and I also noticed that the night sweats and hot flashes that I was having have also been decreased.  I am a self employed child care provider, I have recommended this product to my parents, church members and my beautician.  This is a wonderful product.  Thanks and God bless you. -Shelis W. *

I’m writing you to tell you I think your Revival is wonderful!  I didn’t realize just how wonderful until I ran out.  My energy was gone, my eating habits went crazy (junk food) and I just did not feel GOOD.  When I reordered you sent me a bag of Baked Soy Pasta Chips, they are so good.  I love the taste and the crunch.  I can’t believe they are actually good for you.  Thanks!  The reason I started Revival is for the benefits of menopause! I was looking for something to help with the hot flashes.  I’ve gotten some of my colleagues to start taking Revival as well: they all have seen an increase of energy and feel better.  THANKS from all of us.  By the way, with my last order I asked to become a Family Member so I wouldn’t run out again.  Again, thanks for your wonderful product! -Connie L. *

Revival is by far the best tasting soy product I have tried. I started using your product as I have started pre-menopause and want to head off menopause problems, to stay feeling better and healthier. -Brenda G. *

Hot flashes were bad for me, but night sweats were bad for me AND my husband! In the middle of the night I’d wake up and send clothes and covers flying.  On some of the coldest nights I’d open a bedroom window. All the activity would wake up my husband.  He never complained but he couldn’t believe what was happening.  I had ALWAYS been so cold natured…but no more. Night after night our sleep was interrupted from my ‘torment’.  I thank Dr. Tabor…and so does my husband. Less than 1 week of eating a soy bar every morning the hot flashes and night sweats stopped! We are amazed but so glad there is Revival. My husband was a bit skeptical at first but yesterday he asked me to send a Revival Package to our sister in law. He’s seen the difference 1 soy bar a day has made in me! -Terri L. *

I started using Revival Soy primarily for menopause discomfort. Your information stated that several months use was necessary to see results.  I have now been a faithful user of your product for 4 months.  During this time I have gotten my hot flashes under control, but in addition, I have lost body fat. I have always exercised but notice a difference in my body composition. I feel better and my over all health has improved. Thank you-I am a believer!  I now have my husband using Revival Soy as well:). -Eileen L. *

Revival has changed my life!  It has relieved my menopausal discomforts and given me a better outlook on life.  I originally ordered Revival for weight loss and have lost 10 lbs but the other benefits were a bonus.  Now the weight loss has become secondary to all the other health benefits Revival contains. -Mildred F. *

I have been a Family Member for several years now. I started using Revival thanks to my family doctor.  I stated to feel more like my old self. I had so much more energy, my hot flashes almost totally disappeared, my skin looks so great that people can’t believe how old I am.  I’m 57 now-They tell me I look like I’m in my forties. -Linda K. *

I have never felt so good since I’ve been on Revival Soy products.  I’m glad I tried and I’m sold.-Delores M. *

I have tried numerous protein bars in the past: Luna bars, Power bars, Slim Well, Met RX..and none compare to the flavor and chewiness of your Revival bars. I can’t wait to get my new order of the low carb.-Carol S. *

I was introduced to Revival Soy products about two months ago by a good friend.  Since I am a vegetarian, not a vegan though, I do worry about getting enough protein.  With your soy bars and drinks, I know I am getting the protein I need.  It makes life a lot of simpler for me!  Your calcium and multi vitamin supplements has helped too.  My skin is doing better as well. Thank you for helping me to improve my health and quality of life! GO REVIVAL! – Caroline B. *

PS: your soy pasta, nuts, coffee and chips are great too! *

You and your product line are amazing. Dr. thank you for being obedient to your mother’s cry for ‘help’ thus benefiting us all who will use your products. A sense of well being flooded over me the first day I enjoyed your products. I was shocked and overjoyed. I called my mom, my sister, my aunt, my friend.  I devoured your literature and sympathized with the many testimonies. -Delores S. *

This is just wonderful–Revival Soy let me count the ways it has helped me:  I am a new member!!  In 2 weeks I lost 4 pounds. Which for me that was great.  My hot flashes stopped. I felt better daily. I told my husband I have finally found something I CAN TAKE THAT WORKS… and most of all it’s HEALTHY FOR ME. And to me that’s a great thing so thank you very much. -Reniece  G. *

PS: I have told my friends, my co-workers and family members. *

NOTE: There is no guarantee of specific weight loss results. Individual results vary.

I have more energy. I noticed my nails seem to be growing better.  I hardly have any more hot flashes.  Hoping it helps my memory. -Cindy B. *

I have noticed an improvement in my skin and I am losing weight more rapidly. -Kim M. *

I only tried Revival for menopausal discomforts. The third night of use I slept all night because there were not night sweats. – Robin K. *

Since I’ve started drinking the soy shakes I’ve had more energy than I’ve had in a long time.  I’ve been able to handle stress better and have been in a better mood. -Jodie L. *

My skin looks more youthful. My hair is healthier.  Good product. -Joyce B. *

Oh my goodness! I’m so excited at the results of Revival! I’m watching what I eat and exercising daily! I’ve lost a total of 14 lbs!  Now, understand I started on Revival for the ‘total’ benefits!  I turned 39 two weeks ago and have birthed 4 handsome boys and have a wonderful husband of 15 years come July!  With turning 40 around the corner and 3 brothers of my own teasing me about it (I’m the oldest) I decided I wanted to look and feel the best I could and that is when I came across the article in State Magazine about Revival.  So I gave it a try! (my mother, uncle and 2 friends have also started on it!)  My hair and nails are healthier. I know that Revival has contributed greatly to my weight loss as well!  My energy level has doubled (maybe tripled) which I really needed!  We home school our 4 sons so we are very busy and always into something! Revival has helped ….and the list goes on and on.  I shared with so many people about the benefits of Revival!  I felt guilty if I didn’t because it’s so great for you! Thanks for a wonderful product! -Debbie M. *

I received Revival from a friend. I’ve tried soy pills but they didn’t work at all. I’m hoping Revival will enable me to finally lose the weight.  I’ve noticed a difference in my energy level and my ability to focus. I feel like a new person. Thanks -Peggy G. *

Since I have been using Revival Soy I feel better mentally and physically.  I have used other types before and I can tell the difference.  Revival products are superior and I am recommending them to my friends. I am happy I finally found a product I can use and trust. Thank you -Santino L. *

I feel less hungry and full with a protein drink 1 or 2 times a day.  It makes a big difference when you eat and feel satisfied and not hungry and just knowing that I’m getting soy in my diet as food instead of pill form: what I have been doing for quite some time.  I don’t go without eating and forget to eat. Thank you -Alberta T. *

Revival has been great!  I never felt better-I sleep more soundly.  Thanks Revival -Betty D. *

Besides helping with the hot flashes-I feel my over all health has improved.  I am feeling real good about myself. Thanks -Deborah H. *

Added Revival to my diet-took care of night sweats and hot flashes AND ….helped me lose a few pounds as well! -Nonee T. *

I just LOVE the Revival Soy Chocolate Daydream shakes!  I use them when I don’t have time for a sit-down breakfast. They are fast, easy and transportable: not to mention delicious! -Millie M. *

After using your product for only 2 weeks I have seen a difference in HOT flashes and finally I AM NOT having night sweats.  Thank you -Bevery O. *

Since trying your products I am sleeping better with far less night sweats.  I have decided to take your advice and use the drinks on a daily basis. Thanks -Gloria K * . *

I have only been taking Revival for two months. I have lost 7 lbs.  I feel good and will continue to use it. The weight loss is slow but steady so I believe this is the best way to lose it.  -Gail Z. *

“I was having hot flashes and night sweats. I see a tremendous improvement in that area already.” – Voinda L *

I am drinking the shakes to help diet and lose weight, It’s helping.  I like the shakes because they make you feel full. -Patricia M. *

I started getting into soy to help with my husband’s weight loss regimen.  I started to use it.  Not only have I enjoyed the shakes, bars and nuts, Revival Soy has helped me lose all of my pregnancy weight. As a matter of fact, I weigh less now than I did before I got pregnant. It has also helped my husband lose the 15 lbs he needed to lose to qualify for entry into the Army.  Revival soy bars are also great on the run.  I never miss a meal with Revival Soy. -Amie H. *

I bought the bars for help with weight loss.  Helps me to feel full longer and they taste really good.  Prices are good and shipping is super fast. -Diane H. *

I’m 22 years old and I exercise regularly.  Revival helps me feel strong and ready for each day.  I’ve noticed a difference in my fingernails too! They are really strong and growing. I really like the soy shakes and the bars are delicious too.  Thanks for the great products and service. -Tiffany T. *

Good Breakfast food.  Easy to make. Easy to bring to work! Good protein source. Good for snacks. Good for energy and weight loss. Tasty, healthy protein. -Danielle G. *

I just enjoy the soy knowing I get my daily need. Thanks for the ease and great taste. -Tim H. *

I’ve been enjoying Revival Soy for about four months now. As a Vegan, it can be challenging to find the right amount of protein. With Revival Soy I can obtain a high level of protein without having to eat several servings of tofu or soy milk. Besides all the health benefits. It tastes great! -Jodie S. *

I can’t believe the taste of this product. It’s great!! I haven’t had meat in over 12 years. This product not only makes me feel better but also helps me get more protein.  I love every Revival product that I have tried. -Lynn G. *

I am pleased the product is so tasty that my extremely finicky husband is actually drinking a shake each day.  I had gained 20 lbs in the last year and 1/2 and had decided to get serious about getting in shape and slimming down.  I struggled until I was told about Revival Soy and I immediately ordered my first 30 day supply.  After around 20-25 days of having a daily serving of Revival Soy the weight has just started falling off.  I have noticed a significant difference in my stamina during workouts and increase in muscle tone. The results seem to be accelerating with my consumption of Revival Soy. I have told all the people I know about this wonderful product. -Michelle P. *

Dear Sirs, Revival Soy products have made me more energetic and made me feel a lot better.  I actually feel stronger at work.  This stuff is like a breath of fresh air.  If it was a woman I would marry it..haha.  Thank you very much for this product. -Ameal D. *

Just after three days of starting Revival bars my hot flashes have completely subsided. The night sweats and endless sleepless nights are a thing of the past.  I feel more alert with higher energy. Thank your for inventing a product that works and is good for you. -Diane G. *

The soy bars and shakes give me more energy, less appetite, better sleep and more enjoyment and faith I can live healthy. I have a feeling of wellness.  I’m feeling a difference daily also in my memory-I feel more alert and my concentration is clearer.  Thanks so much for your product. My skin is more soft and supple and my nails are stronger.  Thanks Revival Soy. – Mary P. *

Revival Soy was suggested to me by a friend at work.  I have been using it about 3 weeks now and my hot flashes have slowed down a lot.  I was unaware of all the other things soy is good for and now have suggested it to many people.  It tastes good and you have won me over. -Joan S. *

I was having hot flashes and night sweats which were interrupting my sleep. I heard about Revival Soy and went on your website. I began eating a bar for breakfast. I was really surprised they tasted so good – like rice krispy treats with flavors. But the best part was that in 2 1/2 weeks my night sweats had stopped and the hot flashes were becoming less frequent. After 3 weeks the hot flashes had stopped too.  Revival Soy is so great! I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know who is over 40. My husband is going to start eating the bars too. -Mary M. *

Although I have been on Revival a short time (30 days)… I feel contented, relaxed, happier. -Chris H. *

These shakes and bars taste great. They give me more energy to take my evening walks….and I have lost some weight. Thank you for a great product. -Patricia T.

My doctor recommended taking a protein supplement.  I bought a protein bar but it was not the best, I had to find something that tasted good. Revival Soy was the answer to my prayers.  I have lost 12 lbs and I am thrilled about that…. and energy has improved. -Deanna K. *

Revival Soy is the best tasting Soy product I have ever tried.  It is great to have a chocolate shake for breakfast and I often eat a protein bar for lunch.  I have more energy and know this is a much healthier choice of foods, especially for weight loss.  I’m using the product for health benefits and in particular to help with menopause hot flashes.  After just a month they are less frequent and less severe.  I’m also encouraging my husband to eat a serving a day.  Thanks for making such a healthy, tasty soy product with such variety. We really enjoy the soy chips and nuts as well. -Sherry K. *

I have been looking for a way to add soy to my diet without increasing my carbohydrate count.  My friend suggested I try the bars.  They are great-much better then the artificial tasting bars sold by your competition in the health food stores.  Now I get the soy I desired, the taste of delicious chocolate and all in a low-carb bar-a perfect desert for people watching their health. -Lisa B. *

Revival Soy drink nourishes me. What a relief to feel nurtured and energized after drinking the soy drink. -Jean D. *

Thank you for a great tasting product.  My family as well as myself are all enjoying Revival products.  Getting the proper nutrition you need as well as exercise should be a daily habit for all of us.  Thank you for making it easier along with you healthy tips. Praise God for them and God Bless Revival Soy. -Pamela B. *

PS: Your staff is always helpful when ordering and kind! 🙂 *

First soy product I have been able to tolerate taste. -Alison H. *

After receiving a sample of Chocolate Daydream Soy drink at a seminar, I knew I must place an order. I had my first order within 3 days. My energy level has increased and that constant ‘need to snack’ isn’t there.  I have only good things to say about “Revival Soy” to all my friends and encourage them to try it.  Thanks a million Revival Soy. -Kay P. *

The use of Revival in a daily ‘health shake’ gave me the energy and the motivation to take a wonderful trip by bus to visit the Northern Rockies of Wyoming and South Dakota.  Although I am now 82 years of age, I was able to enjoy the privilege of witnessing how beautiful God has fashioned our nation.-Jeanette S. *

I love Revival Soy.  I didn’t have time to eat properly because I have 3 small children.  I feel refreshed now.  No more hot flashes! -Kelsey J. *

I am a professional violinist and I use a whole lot of energy each day.  That’s why God heard my prayers and sent me Revival Soy.  It makes me feel much stronger and fresher. The regular soy protein bars at grocery stores and such are very uncomfortable to swallow and quite unpleasant in taste.  The products always arrive promptly-something one can’t see very often. -Angel V. *

I was a little skeptical when I began using Revival Soy.  After two months, I would have a hard time giving it up. I do seem to be sleeping better, hot flashes are a thing of the past, and my skin is softer than it has been in years. -Linda P. *

I seem to have more energy and have noticed my fingernails seem stronger.  The extra energy will help in keeping my wieght down. -Michael M. *

Revival helped me through the ‘soy jungle’. NO MORE TOFU!  My family loves it! -Laura S.

I am incredibly overwhelmed with the outstanding customer service from Revival.  Not only is the product great tasting and healthy but it has given me the jump start I needed in healthy living. This product has changed me.  I’m extremely pleased with all that you do!  Keep it up, you’re AWESOME!  I support Revival 100%. – Keeley B. *

The taste is wonderful.  It makes your want to drink them all the time.  Revival gives me energy.  After chasing a 4 year old I need all the energy I can get. -Linda L. *

Revival Soy products are wonderful.  I wouldn’t get through the day without them.  My weight took awhile to go go down but I stuck to it and I stated to drop weight.  My menopausal discomforts seemed to go away and I feel a lot better.  I love the variety and the fast service. Thanks -Connie T. *

Eating Revival mainly for menopause. I notice when I take it I sleep better all night long without tossing and turning or waking up! Excellent and fast service. -Candelaria W. *

Together with a diet plan super used by a dietician and a blood sugar plan used by an RN, I have gotten my blood sugar under control and lost 24 lbs.  Revival Soy has been an indispensable part of this plan-in fact, I introduced my dietician to your products as well and she is enthusiatic.  Thank you for all your help and keep up the good work!  -John L. *

Revival Products note: Revival shakes and bars have a low glycemic index. *

First of all, the taste is wonderful.  It’s so much a part of my daily routine now! I look forward to my daily shake or bar because I enjoy it so much. I work out every day. Now that I’m in my 40’s I have to watch my carb intake and your product helps curb my carb cravings.  I’m also a die hard chocoholic and your chocolate products are very satisfying.  I manage a kitchen so I’m around food everyday.  the soy satisfies my urge to snack all day and helps keep me from the fattening stuff I deal with on a daily basis. Keep up the good work, I feel really good- your product is excellent! Sign me a very happy customer and consumer. -Janette P. *

Revival shakes have helped me crave carbs and sugar less during the day.  They fill me up and keep me going all day.  They taste great.  I love them and I am so thankful that my nutritionist/dietitian recommended it! -Fariba K. *

I have been eating Revival Soy products to help with my hot flashes.  The soy bars have helped me a great deal. The hot flashes and night sweats have almost completely stopped.  Thank you. -Danna K. *

I have more energy, sleep better and my weight is starting to come down. I have recommended your products to all my friends. -Cyndi N. *

I am a fairly healthy 52 year old female who exercises on a daily basis. Suddenly one day hot flashes decided to rear their annoying heads. My gynecologist suggested Revival Soy.  I have been using Revival for almost a year and it has measurably reduced my hot flashes.  My days begin with a fruit and Revival Soy drink.  I tell all of my friends (and sometimes people I’m meeting for the first time) about Revival Soy, consequently several have joined the Revival family. – Dorothy S. *

My hot flashes were really making me feel sick. I thought I’d try Revival and in 1 week I can tell they are working!  The hot flashes are better and my sleep is better. I am so glad I tried your product. -Hazel E. *

I am menopausal and was told so when I was only 40. After reading Dr. Christiane Northrup’s “Wisdom of Menopause”, I was convinced that Revival was the way to go. Now, after drinking shakes for over a year, I have gotten a handful of people using Revival (including one man!).  I feel so good about passing on the good feeling to others! I have lost weight, reduced menopausal discomforts and improved my well-being over all. Many many thanks.-Anne K. *

After only one month of a daily soy protein bar……no cravings–my husband and I both say ‘thank you’. -Donna B. *

I would just like to say that Revival Soy has given me more ‘get up and go’.  I like the taste and hope to lose weight. -Susan H. *

My daughter gave me several packets of Revival Soy to try.  I ordered more and just felt better when I had my soy in the mornings.  I am 53 years old.  I’ve seen a positive difference in my hair and nails.  Thank you for your fine product and all the support your staff gave to me over the phone. -Janet P. *

Energy improved.  -Debra M.   

Menopause had begun and I wanted to shut out the world. The mood swings were interfering with my life.  I had heard that soy was helpful but the products I saw in stores had so much sugar in them that I didn’t want to use them.  A friend recommended Revival Soy after learning that I was digging deeper into my ‘cave’.  I have been using your soy products for about 3 weeks now and have emerged from my ‘cave’ to see the sun shine again.  I look forward to my daily soy. I make it last by drinking half in the morning and half for an afternoon snack. Thank you. I look forward to a long relationship with Revival Soy. -Dodo B. *

I only learned about Revival Soy a few weeks ago.  I have a lot of night sweats and hot flashes due to pre-menopause.  I’ve been taking Revival soy for about 3 weeks and all ready I have been sleeping better with less night sweats! My husband and I both thank you! I’m sure I will see many more health benefits in the future. -Lisa S. *

I have been aware of Revival Soy for quite some time, however I grew up around soy bean fields and have never liked soy products.  A friend who uses your products expressed excitement so in wanting to find a good protein breakfast without a great deal of effort and with the benefit of low calories, I decided to give the shakes and bars a try. The products are not cheap but it is outstanding. My wife loves the shakes and I enjoy the bars. We both notice the difference around the waist and hips and the products are also filling enough to carry you all morning.  I would recommend these products to anyone. -Michael G. *

Revival Soy has literally changed my life.  My menopause discomforts were the absolute worse.  In fact it almost destroyed my relationship with my significant other.  After being on Revival for only a week I started feeling different-back to my old self. Well, at this point I can truly say, I’m finally again the happy cheerful person I’ve always been.  Thank you so much for giving me back my life. Note: your products are the best tasting I’ve ever tried. I do believe I have tried them all…thanks!! -Deborah G. *

I enjoy using these products because they taste great, are filling and I know and feel good about the fact that they are healthy for me.  When I first tried one of the soy bars and shakes from a friend of mine, I was pleasantly surprised how smooth and tasty the shakes were. I was also impressed by the marshmallow bar since it tasted like a Rice Krispy treat. -Rose D. *

Revival soy tastes so good.  I thought that I will never be able to swallow it, especially the unsweetened ones.  However, Revival Soy turned out to be so tasty and it gave me more energy.  I’m a vegetarian. -Baraa’ L. *

I am an X-ray technician whose job also includes performing tests for bone density evaluations.  One day during a bone density screening with co workers I had a pleasant surprise.  At 48 yrs old (and being one of the older in the group), mine was the highest!  I have been on Revival Soy for almost 2 years and know from my previous test results my bone density keeps climbing.  I also have a lot of energy and non menopausal discomforts.  There is no doubt that Revival is the reason for my successful results.  Thank you for a wonderful product.  Sincerely -Kathleen D. *

Revival Products info:  Each Revival shake contains 650 milligrams of bone healthy calcium while each Revival bar contains 500 milligrams of bone healthy calcium. *

Exercise alone was not working for me so I decided to order Revival to see if it will help.  Although I haven’t been on the program long, I am feeling energetic and it helps a lot with my hot flashes and night sweats.  I must say that your shakes and bars are very tasty. -Teresa M. *

Thank you for improving my health, life! I feel better, therefore, look better!!.  I can now enjoy my good health while going through menopause. Life can be better as we get older! Sincerely -Jane K. *

Revial Soy has helped me control my calorie intake. -Laura S. *

I love the ease of mixing a shake for breakfast as I am running out the door at 6am. But most impressive is the blood glucose evenness I’ve noticed (shakes and bars are low-glycemic). I used to get hungry at about 10 am. With the shakes I feel great and dont’ get hungry until 12:30 or 1:00  for lunch. Thank you for making such a great product. -Merrie D. *

Although I’ve only been using your shakes and bars for less than a month, I can tell you right now that I am so pleased with the products.  i have always wanted more soy in my diet but found it too challenging to prepare.  The Revival products have been a real blessing for me and my husband.  I am a ‘hooked’ customer and look forward to ordering several of your other products.  I am telling all my Weight Watcher friends as well as the ladies in my quilting guild. Thank you for bringing us this quality soy. -Donna B. *

Great appetite control method-satisfying taste. Mixes very well even without a blender.  Has helped to decrease my hot flashes-and I’ve even lost weight since I started the shakes. -Janet V. *

From the first Revival Soy (Sucralose formula) I felt an amazing leveling out of my blood sugar for a VERY long time. Gone also is the desire to snack due to this levelness I feel.  My energy levels are through the roof.  Revival Soy is a part of my life from now on! -Nikki Y. *

Revival Product note: Revival shakes and bars have a low glycemic index. *

I’ve noticed a difference in my hot flashes. I am new to the Revival Family but I like the quick and friendly service.  A friend introduced me to Revival and I really like the taste. -Valerie O. *

Revival Soy products have helped me to stay on a diet by using your drinks for breakfast and a bar for lunch. I like the variety of products and the convenience of delivery.  Great taste. -Alma H. *

I ordered because I wanted a convenient non pill way to add soy to my diet because I’m heading toward menopause. (I’m 41). I was delighted to find your product!  It does taste good and has helped me with some problems. I was not expecting such results but I am delighted. I think I may have lost a few pounds but that’s not a big deal. Thanks! -Joy M. *

NOTE: There is no guarantee of specific weight loss results. Individual results vary.

I had lack of concentration, was extremely moody and had night sweats.  Since I began using Revival Soy my discomforts have dimished.  I now rely on Revival to help me get through the day. I thank God always for this product. -Felicia D. *

I received a sample. I mixed the chocolate powered drink with some vanilla soy milk and a banana.  I had a wonderful tasting chocolate/banana drink that taste better than any milk shake I’ve ever had.  I was very pleased. I found your Revival Soy products to be easy to digest and I amazingly enough immediatelyfelt relaxed and more energy instantly.  I could not wait to place my first order.  After receiving my first order, my entire family enjoyed the nuts, chips, bard and drinks.  I plan on becoming a family member of Revival Soy and look forward to having continued healthy success. Thank you -Michele G. *

“I enjoy Revival soy shakes each morning. Since it supplies high protein it seems to balance my diet.  It is filling to the point that I eat less and snack less during the day, have decreased fat in my diet and have more energy”. – Herbert G. *

* Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific weight loss results. Reviews & testimonials are individual, real-life experiences of customers who have used our products in some way or another. However, individual results vary person to person. Additionally, these testimonials are not intended to make claims that these products can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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