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Constantly Improving with Clinical Research

Physicians Laboratories, creators of Revival, is proud to be a leader in soy protein research. Revival Soy protein is used in double-blinded, placebo-controlled human clinical studies, including NIH-funded research, at some of America’s top medical schools and hospitals. Studies are usually funded in part (e.g. product donation for the study), or in whole by Physicians Laboratories.

The findings of our clinical research allow us to make sure Revival Soy protein is always a clinically up-to-date soy formulation. We are proud that thousands of doctors, dietitians and healthcare professionals have already recommended Revival Soy to their patients for better health.

“Clinical studies continue to show soy consumption is an effective part of a healthy diet. Physicians Laboratories, makers of Revival Soy, is happy to play a leading role in speaking up for natural solutions to help support health and well-being. Over 30 Revival Soy studies have been done, including many at several of America’s leading hospitals and medical schools.”

– Dr. Aaron Tabor, Medical Research Consultant, Revival

Your purchase funds our research on menopause, weight loss, low-glycemic index, younger-looking skin/hair/nail support, heart health and other areas.

Our Patented Benefits

Revival Soy has many benefits that are a direct result of our patented, natural concentration process (U.S. Patent # 6,482,448 – “Soy formulas and their use for promoting health.”)

Revival Soy’s patented, natural concentration gives you the following excellent advantages:

Just 1 serving provides
~160mg of soy isoflavones
Don’t feel like drinking 6 cups of a typical soy milk per day or stuffing down a pound of tofu? Neither do we! Not many of us are ready to eat bland-tasting soy every day. Thanks to our patented, natural concentration process, just 1 delicious Revival Soy protein shake or bar provides about the same amount of soy isoflavones found in 6 cups of typical soy milk (~160 milligrams of soy isoflavones). And the taste of Revival is supreme.
Fewer Calories, Less Fat Fewer servings required to get ~160 mg of soy isoflavones per day mean fewer calories and less fat. Getting the same soy isoflavones from other foods, such as soy milk, could add up to 24 grams of fat to your daily diet.
More affordable Because of our patented, natural concentration, the cost of just 1 Revival bar or shake a day can be significantly less than the cost of 6 cups of soy milk per day required to get the same amount of soy isoflavones.
No need to rely on chemically-
concentrated isoflavone pills
In light of news regarding the benefits of soy isoflavones, some people are turning to chemically-concentrated soy isoflavone pills, which promise the same benefits in a pill form.  In brief, soy protein combined with soy isoflavones is believed to produce broader health support benefits compared to just soy isoflavone pills. Isoflavones are just one of the many beneficial phytonutrients found in soybeans, so we are not sure why anyone would want to only consume purified or highly-chemically concentrated isoflavones. With Revival Soy you get the benefits of soy protein, soy isoflavones and all of the other soy phytonutrients.

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