Bone Health

Osteoporosis Risk Reduction*

FACT: Adequate calcium throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Each Revival Soy shake gives you at least 600 milligrams of calcium to help support strong bones,

While both men and women are likely to develop weaker bones and joints as they age, it’s the loss of estrogen during menopause that puts women at greater risk during postmenopausal years.

What Causes Poor Bone Health?

Bones are continuously “remodeling” through an ongoing cycle, in which old bone is broken down and new bone is built. Rapidly declining estrogen levels during menopause can cause rapid bone loss. Bone breakdown happens faster than the new bone is rebuilt, and more calcium is lost via urine. Over time, bones may become weak and brittle, with tiny holes inside. Poor calcium intake and lack of physical activity also contribute to poor bones.

Healthy Support With Calcium?

Enjoy naturally-concentrated Revival soy protein combined with bone-healthy calcium (1,000 to 1,300 milligrams per day) to support healthy bones by replacing the lost calcium. Long-term daily consumption is important for bone health support. Choosing to eat calcium-rich foods along with staying physically active is very important for maintaining a healthy skeletal system.

Keep your healthcare provider involved to supervise your bone health plan. You may need a yearly bone scan, particularly if you are over sixty-five years old or take prescription medications.

Suggested Usage: Enjoy 1 or 2 naturally-concentrated (6x) Revival shakes per day with a good multivitamin.  Regular daily consumption is important for achieving all of soy’s potential benefits.

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Bone Health

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